About us

Awkward Poise is a small independent designer located in Walyalup, Western Australia, with a focus on intentional design and honesty throughout the supply chain. The Awkward Poise Store provides a space in the metaverse for us to reach you.

Our clothing is intended to inspire empowerment, as we believe strength comes from sexiness. 

All products are designed with thoughtfulness regarding the fit across different body types, through the materials chosen and the ways in which garments are fitted to the figure.

The products are offered made to order, minimising waste throughout the supply chain, as well as, encouraging thoughtful purchasing from the customer. This method of production also minimises risk allowing a small independent designer to part take in an industry over-run with mass production.

All fabrics purchased new have been intentionally chosen regarding raw goods and method of production. Typically we look for fabric suppliers and producers which use organic plant based materials, as well as, having working conditions that are credited to Australian standards.

We make the most out of nothing, up-cycling a portion of our products from various fabrics and notions which have been sourced second hand with the intention of finding a second life when the opportunity arises.

We are aware of our impact and acknowledge that there are aspects of our business which can have a negative impact. If you have any queries we are open to discuss all aspects of production.